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Nandrlon will become a leading pharmaceutical company in the country by offering services across the entire drug lifecycle, from international brand names to generic formulations with affordable prices. & Applying international marketing standards with all aspects of branding strategies within the Iraq & international markets to assure win – win relationship with our agencies & customers.

Nandrlon is dedicated to provide best quality and affordable medications for patients and healthcare professionals. Nandrlon is dedicated to supporting quality education for the safe use of the products and supporting, fulfilling medical community needs through:
. Establishing a top reputation within the industry through Efficient,
professional, and highly ethical means.
. Developing scientific communication with medical professionals through
updated scientific material, conferences, presentations and gatherings.

Who we are?

Nandrlon Company

Since 2007 Nandrlon Company has emerged as one of the leading companies for importing and distributing the best quality products of pharmaceutical and food supplements in Iraq. Nandrlon ’ s family has established three more companies in Iraq and one in Germany in the past four years. The prior personal experience that the owners had in the Pharmaceutical trading industry goes back to more than three decades and has brought a tremendous value to the company. Nandrlon is currently covering the entire country and have active representatives in all 18 governorates of Iraq. From an active 485 pharmaceutical wholesalers in the entire country we deal currently with 393 of them. The headquarter of Nandrlon Company resides in Erbil, the capital city of Kurdistan region of Iraq. Nandrlon’ s workforce consists of 322 employees (including medical representatives ). Nandrlon is offering services across the entire drug lifecycle from international brand names to generic supplies of formulations. Nandrlon company cooperates with trustworthy partners through exclusive and/or none exclusive partnership agreements. Nandrlon is working on the basis of the regulations of both MOH of Iraq and KMCA of Kurdistan region.

Quality, Safety and Variety.

QUALITY is not an accident, it is the outcome of intelligent efforts. The quality of any product is essential to assure the maximum level of client’s satisfaction. The most important criteria for the qualities of any pharmaceutical in dosage form are its safety, potency, efficacy, stability, patient acceptability and regulatory compliance. Quality should be incorporated into a product during product and process design. Our crucial objective of NANDRLON is to provide high quality products, that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

The conditions under which supplements and pharmaceutical products are manufactured and stored can have a major impact on their EFFICACY and SAFETY. NANDRLON as an importer and marketer; our responsibility starts with finding the most reliable manufacturing partners, and continues during transit conditions and controlled storage. We are dealing with leading manufacturers of drugs, vitamins, and minerals in Europe, India, and China. Our warehouses designed and implemented to maintain proper environmental control per ISO standards (atmosphere, moisture, heat and light) though our products efficacy and safety are guaranteed.

Because we care of our clients, we are willing to cover all their needs. NANDRLON markets a wide range of: Drugs, food supplements, vitamin products, minerals, OTC pharmaceuticals, sports foods, wellness and dietary products, and medical products.

Working Standard

Our design services starts and ends with a best in class experience strategy that builds brands.


Our good intentions toward our partners and clients lead us to this point.

Long Term Planning

Building a healthy business relationship is a part of our long-term planning.


A common interest will be the infrastructure of our partnership.


A wise man once said, “you can’t buy reputation, boy”.

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