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Welcome to the world of NANDRLON and allow us to help you grow the way you deserve

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Nandrlon Company

Nandrlon will become a leading pharmaceutical company in the country by offering services across the entire drug lifecycle, from international brand names to generic formulations with affordable prices. & Applying international marketing standards with all aspects of branding strategies within the Iraq & international markets to assure win – win relationship with our agencies & customers..

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    Our Business Market

    In its international business, Nandrlon group acts as an Importing and distributing company between the consuming industry and producers of finished pharmaceutical products Nandrlon has partnership with 12 large companies from all over the world that secures access to the world s key markets international Business We provide and secure quality products of medicine, OTC, medical device, food supplements, and Medical instruments for Kurdistan region and Iraq Our annual revenue is around 32 million US dollars We have exclusivity from all our partners.

    Welcome to the world of Nandrlon and allow us to help you grow the way you deserve.

    Nandrlon Company

    Nandrlon is dedicated to provide best quality and affordable medications for patients and healthcare professionals. Nandrlon is dedicated to supporting quality education for the safe use of the products and supporting.



    Medical Device

    Working Standard


    Our good intentions toward our partners and clients lead us to this point.

    Long Term Planning

    Building a healthy business relationship is a part of our long-term planning.


    A common interest will be the infrastructure of our partnership.


    A wise man once said, “you can’t buy reputation, boy”.

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